Custom Pullip Moonlight Kitty

SKU: 777
  • The wondrous moonlight cat loves to roam the world on clear starry nights. She gives peace and quiet to the inhabitants of cities and villages, purring a sweet lullaby. Especially often you can see her on New Year's Eve.
    In the eyes of a cat, moonlight and the sparkle of stars shine.
    Happy will be the one who shelters the cat at home. Adversity and evil people will bypass your house. And your dreams will be bright and pleasant.

    The doll will come with two sets of outfits:
    One set of lilac color consists of a dress, a skirt and a blouse, a headband decorated with delicate satin flowers, carefully created by me. The outfit is embroidered with beads and shining beads. The set is complemented by handmade shoes made of genuine leather.

    The second set consists of a coat on the lining, decorated with a delicate flower brooch. A multi-layered dress, a lower skirt, stocking, handbags, shoes and a favorite toy - the moon mouse.

    The make-up is made with watercolor pencils Derwent, pastels Faber Castell, acrylic paints Vallejo. Fixed make-up with Mr. Super Clear UV, gloss Vallejo
    Body is brushing.

    Moonlight Kitty will come in a beautiful box with a passport.

    She will be a wonderful decoration for your collection and a amazing gift!

    Recommendations for care: careful attitude, dry cleaning

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